Getting a Blow Job at a BJ Bar in Bangkok

Yes, you heard correctly. There are actually bars in Bangkok where you can get a blow job. Now, you aren’t going to have some random girl walk up to you and start sucking your johnson. You are going to have to pay for it.

That’s what these girls do, they give you a blow job but contrary to popular belief, it is not in the open. Back in time this used to be the case where you could get a BJ from a Thai girl in the open right at the bar, but authorities have clamped down on this and they no longer allow this kind of behaviour.

In some cases, it might still go on, but most of the BJ bars have rooms where you enter and get your knob polished there.

How Much?

Prices range anywhere from 500 baht to 1500 baht. Normally the hotter the girl, the more expensive your blow job will be. To be honest, the girls that work in these bars aren’t the greatest looking, but some are not bad to look at at all. So if you are looking for a quick thrill, then you should try it.

The Experience

When you walk in, you might have a lot of girls approach you. You can either decide then, or just tell the mamasan that you want to sit at the bar and relax a little. I suggest this tactic because that way you can check out what is available. Perhaps there is a girl that tickles your fancy much more than the first one that you saw.

Be Safe About it

Most of the girls do BBBJ which is “bare back blow job” without a condom. I would suggest that you put on a condom because there is a chance you could contract an STI – i mean these girls do this for a living. You don’t know where their mouths have been. Actually, the guy that just passed you on your way out – he probably had his dick in the mouth you are going to put in. Wear a condom – end of story. If you must, pull it off at the last second and bust in her mouth for a thrill.

Other Options

Most guys don’t spend much time in Bangkok’s blowjob bars. It’s really just a quick in and out. A lot will have a backdoor entrance because how embarrassing would that be to be caught exiting one of those places by someone you know.

If you are tourist traveling alone, then the chances of seeing someone you know are very slim so probably not to worry.

However if this concerns you, you could either hire an escort online or just go to a gogo bar or beer bar. It’s still not exactly discreet but a blowjob bar is simply just on another level.

For more information on this check out and see what the fuss is all about. It just might be something to do on your bucket list while visiting Bangkok.

Instantly Learn How to Pick Up Girls at a Bar

Going out on Friday nights with friends and buddies is the perfect way to let off steam, have fun and meet new people. Bars are the most adequate places for these as many people come to these types of locations to party and ease the stress the past week brought because of work. This is also a place where relationships are found as most of the time, people come to bars to meet new persons they might come to like and even love in the future.

This is especially the case for single men looking to hook up with a girl and maybe get a relationship going. The bar scene in Bangkok is pretty crazy, with a ton of bars to choose from.

Most single men bury choose to go to bars in the hopes of finding a girl who can be a suitable partner in a relationship. Although most come to these places with this agenda, few ever go home satisfied or happy with the results of their search. This may be due to constant rejection by the opposite sex resulting in a total crash of self esteem. The average man may have confidence issues when it comes to approaching a woman and trying to strike up a conversation especially in an environment such as a bar. However, what we need to realize is that while it may turn out to be an awkward and difficult endeavor, there are always tips on How to Pick up Girls at a Bar that will make the overall experience more pleasant and increase the likelihood of success to meet someone.

Most men tend to tense when talking to a girl at a bar up to the point of stammering and losing focus of the conversation going on. This is not a good thing when learning How to Pick up Girls at a Bar as confidence and the ability to relax at such a situation will play a relevant role in its success. Second chances are very limited in this kind of situation so it is important to play it cool when approaching a girl at a bar.

Getting attention may not always be a good thing as some girls don’t like men who are overly confident of themselves so it’s important to try to weigh up the person you’re about to speak to. Now that the conversation has started, it is always a plus to keep an open mind and to be attentive to what the other person is talking about so not to lose track of the subject at hand. Girls will respond to attentive men in a positive manner and will likely seal the deal between the two of you in a matter of minutes. These are the main pointers to keep in mind in learning How to Pick up Girls at a Bar.

While it is a good idea to be yourself when talking to a girl, it may be better to be in the same page as her when getting to know each other. This is a rule for most men on How to Pick up Girls at a Bar which does benefit both persons over time. When learning how to pick up girls at a bar, it simply better to try to please the person you’re interested in at a certain level which will be your basis for success.

How to Pick Up a Girl in a Bar Successfully

So you are now in the bar, you are all prepared but you don’t know what to do. Let us now discuss the tips on how you start your epic night. Here are some tips on how to pick up a girl in a club without embarrassing yourself:

Tips on How to Pick Up a Girl

a. Sit Down or Hang Out in the Bar

Pick a strategic place in the bar where you can have a good view of most of its areas. This will enable you to acquire a prospective target and it will also allow the girl to easily spot you. Now this is the part where you get your radar working.

b. Assess the Situation

Once your radar picks up a girl, assess her first. Pay attention to how she moves or how she dresses. That would give you an idea if she is outgoing, shy, conservative or wild. A basic logic will do the trick or just let your instincts work on this one.

c. Keep the Eye Contact

Then while looking at her, she suddenly catches a glimpse of you. I don’t know why this happens but it happens. People have the instinct of knowing when they are being watched. Well, let’s stop wondering about that phenomenon and concentrate on the mission at hand. Okay, once she takes a look at you and she stares at you, keep your eye contact. When she smiles at you, gives a bottle’s up or gives any positive gesture. That is a go. Approach her.

d. Talk the Talk

Start with a “Hi” or some cool phrase, and ask her name. If she asks yours too, that means she’s interested. So fire away soldier. Remember to keep the conversation going smoothly. Do not monopolize the conversation though, most girls prefer a listener. Make your conversation two-way, like a question and answer between the two of you. You take turns in talking. Then try not to have a long pause in between your conversation, unless there is something physical going on. To get to the next level, try to get more personal and get your conversation to an intimate level.

e. Do the Touchy Stuff

Once, you reach the peak of your intimacy, start by getting a bit physical like sitting closely with her. Let your skin touch each other gradually. Let your arms touch each other until both of your shoulders get too close. Then follow it up by holding her hand or wrapping her with an arm. If you don’t see any struggle or any negative reactions, that’s a good sign.

f. Get Out of There

Keep the eye contact and the conversation going with some intimate physical contact. Then ask her if she wants to get out of there and check some other place or get to a place more quiet where you could talk and get to know more about each other, like your pad or some motel. If she agrees, your mission is accomplished!

There are many other techniques and factors involved aside from these basic ones. But we will get to an in-depth discussion about that later in our next articles. These methods may not work every time but it surely worked 75%-80% most of the time. Lastly, do not forget to put passion in everything that you do. Confidence, coupled with passion, will get you the reaction that you desire.

To successfully pick up a girl in a bar or in a club, remember the things that are needed for the preparation process. Then once you are at the bar, find a good place to sit down, establish eye contact, talk the talk, start touching and get out of there.

Reasons To Become A Promo Girl

Anybody who has ever been to a trade event or promotional show will be aware of the role of a promo girl. These girls always look very attractive, and do their job of enticing men to a particular product very well. The job is a popular one, and anybody who is thinking of doing it should know the three best reasons to become a promotion girl.

The Events

Promo girls will typically find themselves working at large scale events. This could be a motor show, a sporting event, or a trade event. Sometimes they are employed to visit different bars and nightclubs promoting a particular alcoholic beverage. Girls with an outgoing personality and who like partying would be perfect for this role. There is a lot of variety in working as a promo girl, as the type of event being attended will differ each time. It can therefore be seen to be a very exciting job to have, both in terms of attending the events themselves and the fact that there are always new experiences to be enjoyed.

The People

A girl will not be hired for this job unless she has the type of personality where she is friendly and approachable. The types of girls who are typically attracted to becoming a promo girl love to meet new people. This can therefore be considered as one of the best reasons to become a promotion girl. These girls will be required to speak to many different members of the public during any promotional event, which means they must be quite extroverted in their outlook. They love talking to people and flirting with guys as part of their job. Working in this job also provides a chance to make some good friends, as the fact that promo girls work in a group means that they will often develop a very strong team spirit.

The Perks

Promo girls often feel very attractive at promotional events, and love the attention that they get from guys. Dressing up in promotional outfits can therefore be seen as a perk of being a promo girl. The attention they receive can also be seen to be a perk, as a girl could not do the job unless she liked to have people notice her.

Furthermore, there will often be a chance to be photographed at events for promotional material or even the local news. Depending on what the event is there might also be an opportunity for these girls to meet celebrities. The events are often spread out all over the country, meaning that promo girls will often be able to travel and to see new places. The final reason to become one would be the wages. It is very well paid for work which is enjoyable.

These are the three best reasons for becoming a promotion girl, but they are not the only ones. There is a lot of competition to become a promo girl due to the fact that people perceive it to be an exciting job to have. The fact that it is also well paid means that for many girls this is their dream job.

For those of you wanting to become promo girls in the beverage industry, go ahead and learn the knowledge and skills that is going to give you the control to go out and get your dream job.